Clashes on Maldonado Square between teenagers from Inau and homeless people

A confrontation occurred in Plaza San Fernando de Maldonado among young people from a center Inau and people in street situations. The police The department is working to locate one of the people captured on video.

The riots occurred last Wednesday afternoon, just meters from the Maldonado headquarters and a center in Inau that housed shelter and family strengthening.

As far as he could tell Underlined According to headquarters sources, the confrontation occurred between teenagers seeking refuge at the center and people on the street. There were no arrests following the incident, but people were identified.

Local police are working to find them, particularly a man who appears in a video with sticks in his hands and threatening people in front of him.

There have been no police complaints in this case, although there is public concern and disagreement from neighbors who report a recurrence of such incidents.

The director of Inau Maldonado, Eduardo Rodas, explained that violent incidents are not common in this part of the city and that teenagers who normally stay at the center can leave the center without any restrictions.

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