Ciudad de la Costa prosecutor Sandra Fleitas will lead the investigation against Yamandú Orsi

The second shift prosecutor of Ciudad de la Costa, Sandra Fleitas, will lead the investigation against the Frente Amplio presidential candidate, Yamandú Orsi, after he was denounced by a 42-year-old trans woman.

The Purification, Prioritization and Assignment (DPA) Office of the Attorney General’s Office, headed by Patricia Marquisá, assigned the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ciudad de la Costa, taking into account the place where the alleged events occurred (Parque Roosevelt), etc The day the complaint was filed was this Wednesday, which corresponds to the day on which it is Fleitas’ turn.

The data protection authority also classified the case as a violation, taking into account the events reported in the woman’s complaint. Prosecutor Fleitas will analyze the case and may change the framework depending on the evidence collected.

Prosecutor Fleitas is currently on leave, which she had requested before her appointment in the case was announced, in order to take part in a selection process in the public prosecutor’s office. Through the public prosecutor’s communications director, Javier Benech, prosecutor Fleitas explained that she would not make any public statements about the case until she returned from her vacation and could learn more about the complaint.


A 42-year-old trans woman appeared before the police to file a complaint against presidential candidate Yamandú over an incident in June 2014 and requested that criminal proceedings be initiated.

The complainant, who introduced herself as a “sex worker”, said the injury was caused by a head hit to her nose and a subsequent push to get her out of the car.

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From the public prosecutor’s office they stated Underlined that the complaint was filed in the early hours of this Wednesday morning. This came after the case was reported on social media last week.

Orsi had described the version that attributed a violent episode ten years ago to him as “nonsense”.

The complainant stated that she did not identify the man in the case in 2014 and that she now tracked him down because she saw him at a political campaign.

In her complaint, she said that while she was working as a prostitute at Parque Roosevelt, she was invited to get into a car for a sexual service and that the incident ended in violence in which she was punched in the nose, which is why she was sent to prison Pasteur hospital went next day.

After this police complaint became known, the FA candidate called a press conference at the headquarters of the left-wing coalition for this Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m.

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