Cinema: in Île-de-France, a resource center gives a second life to the sets

At first glance, they look like ordinary everyday objects; however, you have surely seen them already and even several times in the cinema or on television. Give a second life to movie sets, this is the mission of a recycling center in Île-de-France, created two and a half years ago. 3,500 m² of warehouses, and thousands of decorations recovered.

Save time and money

Karen Fingerhut, production designer, is a regular. Using old sets saves both time and money. “At least 50% savings or even a quarter of the price. We can easily convince productions to use reuse because we gain at the price level”, believes Karen Fingerhut. Each year, the film and audiovisual industry releases 1.7 million tonnes of CO2. Since March, the CNC has made its subsidies conditional on the carbon footprint. Enough to convince productions to switch to second-hand. Mentalities are changing, but slowly. The resource center recovers only 2% of French film sets.

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