The weekend is just around the corner and so we look back at this week’s crypto news in the Crypto Insiders weekly update. In this weekly recap Bitcoin (BTC) is playing an important role again!

Bitcoin Adoption Accelerates in UK, IMF Concerns

Among other things, this week reported that the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender has again raised concerns in the traditional financial world. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns, among other things, that it could lead to financial instability. In Europe, we also heard voices that the EU decentralized finance (DeFi) and wants to regulate crypto.

In the United Kingdom, crypto adoption continues at a steady pace. Coinbase research shows that 33% of all Britons already invest in crypto. Not surprisingly, Bitcoin is particularly popular among them.

And of course there was also something non-fungible token (NFT) news. The Vatican wants to launch an NFT art collection. Finally, TRON (TRX) announced a new stablecoin that caused the price of TRX to rise sharply.

A look at the bitcoin price

Of course, Wiebe is also looking at the bitcoin price again this week. How is it now after the recent decline, and has much changed from last week? Watch the video for an analysis!

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