Christian Horner attacks Formula 1 with an incriminating anonymous message

The latest news in the world of Formula 1 suggested that the investigation into Christian Horner was over, but now more evidence has arrived against the Red Bull team boss.

Weeks before the start of the Formula 1 season Red Bull launched an investigation into its team leader for inappropriate behavior. The message had little impact at first, but gradually everything became unclear as it involved sexual behavior. And now that it all seemed to be over, There is further evidence against Christian Horner.

The Red Bull team boss had a really quiet day after several weeks on the track. The investigation against him was stopped and he was acquitted. But now everything has exploded again. And that’s it An anonymous message has arrived in the paddock with new evidence against Christian Horner.

Christian Horner tests
Formula 1 receives new evidence against the head of Red Bull

The evidence against Christian Horner comes to light

As we learned just a few minutes ago, An anonymous account has just sent an email to the press, Liberty Media and Stefano Domenicali with new evidence against Christian Horner. This email would have had the subject “Christian Horner Tests” and would have made the entire Formula 1 tremble.

How it came to light The content of this email includes WhatsApp messages, photos and other content against Christian Horner. A content that came to light after the Red Bull team boss was acquitted. Nothing more is known at this time as everyone involved is investigating the incident. And it is not ruled out that a new investigation will be launched.

Red Bull will have a very difficult start to the season

Although everything indicated that the season was coming another drive for Red Bull and Verstappen, now everything has become complicated. The black cloud has settled over the Austrian team and everything seems to be much more serious than it is. There are many reasons that could have led to this anonymous email, but everything points to blackmail.

Whatever the case, they are The authorities are dealing with everything that happened to Christian Horner in the last few hours. Red Bull and Formula 1, as well as the rest of the people who received the email, will cooperate in whatever way is necessary to resolve the case. A case that is getting darker and darker. Even though it seemed as if the sun was rising over the paddock again.

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