BEIJING: A Tibetan plane flying from China to Tibet crashed into a runway and engulfed itself in horrific flames, injuring 36 passengers.

According to details, a Tibet Airlines plane A319 derailed at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport in southwest China on Thursday morning while trying to take off and caught fire.

China’s civil aviation says the pilots of the plane stopped the emergency take-off according to the procedure when they felt something was wrong, but the plane landed on the runway, damaged the engine and caused a severe fire. woke up.

Video footage released after the crash showed passengers screaming and fleeing for their lives. Authorities say the plane had 122 people on board, including nine crew members, 36 of whom suffered minor injuries. Transferred to hospital.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport has been temporarily closed since the crash, and several flights have had to be canceled.

The Tibet Airlines plane was en route from the Chinese city of Chongqing to Ningchi, Tibet. The flight had a sudden technical malfunction. Got stuck

The plane was severely damaged in the fire, video clips made by citizens at the scene show a fire burning on the left side of the airbus, several fire brigade vehicles arrived at the scene and started rescue operations. ۔

The incident comes less than two months after the fatal crash of a China Eastern Airlines plane, prompting the CAAC to launch a sector-wide inspection to find possible safety flaws.