New York: The American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal has acknowledged that China has become a preferred destination for investment.

According to the details, the Wall Street Journal has published a report on investment in China, which states that China has attracted a record amount of venture funding in technology start-ups (new companies) last year.


The report says that Beijing has shifted its focus to ‘hard tech’, and Chinese tech start-ups have attracted huge sums of money, making China a preferred destination for investment.

In 2021, venture capital investors invested 12 129 billion in China, more than 5,300 startups, the last record of 11 115 billion in 2018. Is more than

Unlike previous years when most Chinese tech funding went to Internet startups in e-commerce, last year most investments were made in sectors such as semiconductors, biotechnology and information technology.


Investments in Chinese startups, including private equity financing, reached 5 165 billion in the first three quarters of 2021, surpassing the record of 190 190 billion in 2017, according to the data. Is

The rapid rise in investment shows how popular China is as an investment destination, despite efforts by the government to impose more sanctions on some technology firms, and wider financial problems between China and the United States.