Chili: Main Health Benefits

Chili are sweeter than their spicier siblings, which may be why they are so popular. Chilies come in green, yellow, red and orange varieties. Red contains most of the nutrients in the group, but all are great for health.

Here are the top 10:

eye healthPeppers contain over 30 different types of carotenoids, including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin. Carotenoids are a family of phytonutrients responsible for the bright red, yellow and orange color of many fruits and vegetables. Researchers have found that they help heal the eyes and prevent eye disease by absorbing harmful blue light when it enters the eye.

Prevent cancer: Carotenoids also have powerful antioxidant effects that can prevent certain types of cancer. Carotenoids deactivate free radicals, which are oxygen atoms that damage cells and react with other molecules in the body. Be sure to let the peppers ripen to maximize the amount of antioxidant benefits they have – ripening increases the carotenoid content in the peppers. They also have sulfur, which helps prevent cancer.

Increases immunity: the amount of vitamin C also increases with ripening, and peppers are packed with vitamin C. 1 cup of sliced ​​red peppers provides 157% of their daily vitamin C content, making them a great way to stay healthy.

Balances the mood: If you feel sad, try increasing the amount of vitamin B6 you get. B6, found naturally in peppers, helps your brain produce serotonin and norepinephrine, two chemicals that affect your mood.

And much more…

Natural sleep aid: Can’t fall asleep at night? Eat some chilies! The vitamin B6 found in peppers also helps in the production of melatonin, which your body needs to regulate your internal clock.

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Weight loss: Chillies are very low in fat and calories, about 1 gram of fat and 29 calories per cup, making them an ideal snack option or a great addition to a main meal. This small amount of fat is enough to provide reliable storage of the fat-soluble nutrients in the pepper.

Beautiful skin: peppers contain a solid amount of Vitamin E, which helps keep skin fresh and youthful and hair strong and vibrant.

Lower cholesterol: While peppers contain less capsaicin than their tastier cousins, they do have something. And that’s good news for people with high cholesterol, because capsaicin is a nutrient that lowers bad cholesterol levels in your system.

Help with pain: capsicum relieves chronic pain in two ways. Vitamin C and Vitamin K, found in peppers, have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling and protecting against osteoporosis. Capsaicin also relieves chronic pain.

Healthy for the heart: Chili’s anti-inflammatory properties also reduce inflammation in the arteries. This means that peppers help prevent heart disease and diabetes.

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