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Chile, forest fires cause more than 26 deaths

Chile, incendios forestales causan más de 26 muertes

More than 270 forest fires, 69 of them out of control, did not let up on Monday in the central south of Chile and have caused the death of at least 26 people and various injuries to another thousand, while the international aid that the country requires begins to arrive South American.

The last official report specified that there are 275 forest accidents, of which 161 are controlled and 69 are out of control, according to the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá. The hectares consumed exceed 300,000, according to preliminary figures.

He added that in five days the same amount of hectares that are devastated in two years have been consumed.

Since Sunday night, international aid began to arrive, with 150 Mexican military brigades who are experts in fighting forest fires, to which others will join in the coming days, and Spain contributed fifty experts and a team of drones with six pilots. Other countries that will collaborate with brigade members are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Meanwhile, a US plane with the capacity to unload 36,000 liters of water landed in the afternoon in the Biobío region, one of the three declared in a state of catastrophe.

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