Chen plans to travel to Barcelona in the coming weeks

His presence to attend the Espanyol-Real Madrid box and command the end of the summer market, between the end of August and the beginning of September 2022, is the only time that chen yansheng has landed in Barcelona since the pandemic began, in March 2020. But the president and owner of Espanyol will add a notch to his visitsas Esports Cope has advanced and AS has been able to verify, although from the highest levels of the club they play the mistake.

Chen’s idea is land in Barcelona in the coming weeks to reorder the situation of the club, which clearly needs a turn of the helm or, at least, have someone behind the wheel. Sports drift is the priorityalthough only one of the innumerable damaged edges, especially when surely The category in which he will play is already known the first team next season, First or Second, when the president finally takes the reins ‘in situ’. Perhaps it is already too late.

Shall Chen meet Luis Garcia personally, who signed until June 2024 and is therefore called to lead the project for the next season. And he will have to take one too decision on the current sports director, Domingo Catoiraalso with one more year on his contract and who for now has not been dismissed, although Conversations have been held, as AS advanced, with David Fernández.

Catoira, Chen and Mao.
Catoira, Chen and Mao.ETS

And decisions of a nature economicboth in the event of a decline and in the event of maintenance, since the salary cap will be drastically reduced and Espanyol heads towards his third year in a row with losses.

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This visit will arrive, which according to Esports Cope has been delayed because it should have taken place at the end of April, after an earthquake in all facets, with the derby in its aftermath still smoking, and coinciding with the fact that the small shareholdersgrouped in the APMAEthey demanded this past Tuesday the owner of the club to publicly express your intentions, if you intend to sell and for how much, or if it would accept the entry of new investors. The future of Espanyol is at stake.

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