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Checkmate of ‘The Queen’

Checkmate of 'The Queen'

The Queen says goodbye in a big way. Miriam Gutiérrez hangs up her gloves in the best possible way: proclaiming herself Spanish super welterweight champion, the only belt that had not yet been fastened. was imposed by majority decision (77-75, 76-76, 77-75) before the co-applicant Patricia Martin at the Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones, the place where she made her debut and fastened her champion belts.

Miriam Gutiérrez and Patricia Martín, friends and colleagues, got into the ring together to fight for the super welterweight Nacional. They started with a tentative first round, but they knew each other very well. Patricia pressed, coming up with good hands that Miriam successfully dodged and blocked. The Queen she moved around the ring, avoiding the co-applicant’s blows. She came out strong in the following rounds, and more and more followed the exchanges of blows. Both gave war until the bell rang, in a very even combat.

The Queen she withdrew in front of her people, who encouraged her from her departure until she was proclaimed champion of Spain. A perfect closure for one of the greatest boxing careers in our country. Miriam was moved and couldn’t hold back her tears when she had her belt in her hands. “For me it is an honor and, above all, a well-deserved applause for Patricia. I have had a very difficult time fighting for this belt because they have not wanted to box with me. Thank you with all my heart. It is curious that it is my last fight and it was the only one that my daughter has been able to come see me. This is for you baby”, the champion shared with her audience. The perfect goodbye.

Collado is proclaimed lightweight champion

Antonio Collado (11-0-0, 1 KO) becomes the new lightweight champion of Spain by defeating Brian Peláez by unanimous decision (triple 94-96). The combat, very close, was a war from beginning to end, where exchanges of blows reigned and both fighters gave everything in the ring to take the victory. Collado could not hold back the tears when the verdict was announced.

Brian was quick with the center of the ring and dominated the first part of the fight. He marked with the jab and controlled the distance connecting the best hands. He put Collado against the ropes on several occasions, arriving with good blows that hurt the applicant. From the fifth round, Collado reacted and came up for the support of his public. A very close and even match that raised the fans from their seats. “I’m going to be quick. I just want you to know that I am very proud to be champion of Spain, champion of our country. That I am going to give my whole life to leave Spanish boxing as high as possible. I just wanted to show and say that with effort if possible”, declared the new champion after the fight.

Antonio Collado, new Spanish lightweight champion.Adrian Rubio

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