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ChangeNOW: Boundless Crypto Exchange


ChangeNOW is an unattended service made for easy and fast cryptocurrency exchanges. ChangeNOW strives for maximum security, simplicity and convenience. ChangeNOW does not store your money or personal information and does not require any form of account creation.

ChangeNOW has approximately 380 coins available for exchange and has no limits; you can trade as much as you want – account free, worry-free, faster than light. The fiat option is also available – you can buy cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard through ChangeNOW’s third-party partner.

ChangeNOW Token (NOW)

On May 21, 2018, ChangeNOW issued the ChangeNOW Token. NOW was launched on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 standard, with 50% of the emissions migrating to the Binance chain on April 23, 2019. NOW Token (ERC20/BEP2) Circulating Supply:

  • Type: ERC20
  • Token Ticker:NOW
  • Full name: ChangeNOW
  • Token decimals: 8
  • Total supply: 100 000 000 NOW*
  • Type: BEP2
  • Token Ticker: NOW-E68
  • Full Name: NOW Token
  • Decimals:
  • 8 Total supply: 100 000 000 NOW

NOW products

Below you can see an overview of the exciting products of ChangeNOW:

Fast, easy and fully customizable way to migrate your token to your mainnet. Binance (BNB), Tether (USDT) and Atomic (AWC) are already tested and happy. How does it work

Accelerate the rise of mass cryptocurrency adoption. With NOWPayments you can start accepting payments and donations for your business in crypto NOW

Get all the power of ChangeNOW on your smartphone with ChangeNOW’s most secure mobile app. Available in the AppStore, Google Play and App Gallery.

Zero-fee public Lightning Network Node. Instant payments, secured by smart contracts. Cross-chain atomic transactions. These are all about Lightning NOW.

NOWNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service solution, which allows users to access full nodes and blockbook explorers via API. It is a fast, cost-efficient and reliable service for those developing their blockchain products.

Access all ChangeNOW features from any corner of the world with the ChangeNOW Telegram Bot. Exchange crypto in a few steps directly in the Telegram Messenger.

A non-custodial crypto wallet, available on both iOS and Android.

ChangeNOW Apps & Web Enhancements

First of all, executing transactions on ChangeNOW’s platform has become even more difficult – the addresses of Metamask, TRON Wallet, Brave and KAIKAS can now be filled in automatically.

Second, our B2B sector continues to grow and develop. ChangeNOW just welcomed new features to their exchange widget. They include transaction status display and dark theme. With the new top-up mode, you can use the widget to get Visa / Mastercard / SEPA payments in addition to one of the more than 400 cryptocurrencies converted to a desired one, for example BTC or USDT.

To remind you, the exchange widget is just one of many B2B solutions that can help increase monetization of your website or blog traffic and benefit from the crypto exchanges with us.

Widget Upgrades

First of all, ChangeNOW’s exchange widget is being further developed. This week, timer and the option of reverse estimates for flat rates became available in the widget. By the way, if you don’t have a NOW Wallet yet, the widget will lead you to the page where you can download it.

Widget is a great tool to increase traffic monetization along with other B2B solutions like referencing links and buttons. It’s easy to install and customize the widget to fit neatly into your website!

New assets in NOW Wallet

As for ChangeNOW’s mobile apps, NOW Wallet continues to add new cryptocurrencies to its range. Last week, NFTs were integrated into the app. This week, Theta and TFuel became available for storage and exchange in NOW Wallet.

ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange Updates

Some useful features have also been added to the ChangeNOW app. Android users can now recover and change their password as well as set and change the passcode to access the app. ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange on Apple devices gives their customers the choice to enable or disable 2FA.

Traffic Optimization was rolled out in the latest update for Apple users. VIP levels are now displayed on ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange on Android devices. In addition, rate estimates for buying and selling coins will be calculated faster.

To learn more about ChangeNOW’s exciting project, visit: https://changenow.io/

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