Change of plans in Boston Celtics with the renewal of Jaylen Brown

Before the playoffs began, Jaylen Brown hinted that he was not happy with the Boston Celtics because he was constantly related to possible transfers.

Shortly before the postseason began, Jaylen Brown dynamited the offices of boston celtics. The guard left his future in the franchise up in the air, hinting at his great anger with management for having been constantly related to possible transfers such as Kevin Durant’s. That is why, now that he was entering the last season of his contract, his departure from his team was much closer to him.

Not surprisingly, due to his extraordinary qualities on the floor, any NBA team would be willing to offer the shooting guard a maximum contract. Especially the teams that are candidates for the ring, because year after year he demonstrates the most lethal version of him in the playoffs. But now everything has changed and Jaylen Brown aims to stay with Boston Celtics beyond next season.

Jaylen Brown will stay with Boston Celtics
Jaylen Brown, closer to signing a contract extension

Jaylen Brown, closer to continuing in Boston Celtics

As we were able to know just a few days ago, Jaylen Brown has entered the best quintets of the NBA season. He has done it in the second quintet, thus being rewarded for his great level in one of the best teams in the league. And this is one of the best possible news for the Boston Celtics, as its renewal is much closer.

The fact of having entered the best quintets will make Jaylen Brown eligible to sign a $295 million super-max extension for five seasons. This is 106 million more than what he could have signed if he had not entered the best quintets, in which case he “only” would have opted for 189 million dollars for four seasons.

The Celtics, much closer to keeping their core

Also, it should be noted that only Boston Celtics can offer this contract to Jaylen Brown, so they have an important advantage over other franchises. In this way, everything indicates that he will end up extending his contract with the Massachusetts franchise, which is thus guaranteed to continue maintaining its core.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will continue to be the big stars of Boston Celtics. And they will continue to be, at least, for four more seasons. Now it remains to be seen if they manage to defeat the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, thus reaching their second Eastern Conference Finals. nba consecutive. Some finals in which they will try to avenge last season’s defeat against the Golden State Warriors.

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