The Generalitat of Catalonia does not rule out presenting a solo candidacy from the Catalan Pyrenees to host the 2030 Winter Olympicsalthough the government of Aragon ultimately did not join the project.

In statements to RAC1the Catalan Minister for the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, explained that the Generalitat’s proposal continues to be a “collaborative candidacy” with Aragon, because “it has advantages”, but if the Aragonese government continues to make “so many hitches” Catalonia could still “present a candidacy”.

“We have earned the place to be able to choose. No one has the right to spoil it”, Vilagrà underlined.who has avoided “advancing events” because beforehand he wants to exhaust the options of presenting a joint candidacy with Aragon.

According to Vilagra, Catalonia “deserves to be able to present the Olympic candidacy” and he has always “proposed collaboration with other territories”, for which he still hopes that “everyone is responsible and works positively”.


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