Castilla is allowed to come back from 0-2 with the bottom team

Castilla is allowed to come back from 0-2 with the bottom team

The subsidiaries are usually, due to sheer youth, cyclothymic. Capable of getting into an emotional hole and not knowing how to get out of it, or on the contrary, grabbing a positive dynamic and riding the waves no matter how many meters they are. Castilla is, strangely, in the middle. Raúl has found the tactical key in his latest experiment (line back five) and his boys work like clockwork, but when they have it best in games is when they get stuck. This time they let a 0-2 away at the bottom club’s house…

This Sunday Ceuta the Castillo team extended his streak of games without losing to thirteen (104 days undefeated and counting) Y verifying that he has several of the best players of the First RFEF in his positions (Arribas, Rafa Marín and Vinicius Tobias) already a heart that moves them, Carlos Dotor, the cap from Castilla, but a final arreón dissolved the white subsidiary. Castilla maintains its aspirations for direct promotion to the Second Division, but due to the strait they have left two of those points that they lament at the end of the season.

Dotor, the arrival. It could also be the nickname of this midfielder who was asked to stay another year at Castilla in the summer to provide seniority -in a subsidiary key, of course- to the midfield that Nico Paz, Chema and Manuel Ángel will soon have to inherit. In Ceuta, he planted, cuckoo, at the far post in one of Vinicius Tobias’s dangerous runs down the right-hand lane and took advantage of the second action to beat former Madrid player Tomás Mejías. First target, the second was redounding in that dagger role from afar, this time with a wall with Arribas, who dismantled the Ceuta defense with a simple touch from his left foot. A 0-2 at halftime that theoretically had resolved the arduous journey, logistically speaking, to Alfonso Murube for the Castillista team.

Also because Ceuta seemed to be saying goodbye without reference to the First RFEF and they only had to pay tribute in the Copa del Rey against Barça. Adri Cuevas had a very clear one for the 1-1 but it got dark and Luismi Redondo was able to get the mackerel team back into the ruckus as soon as the second half began but he brushed against a Castillo player and went for a corner. In those, Raúl had to change engines, because Dotor was injured in minute 57. Finally It was Rodri Ríos who managed to relocate Ceuta in contention with a goal to spice up the last quarter of an hour. A dressing that made Castilla feel bad. In the last push, the Italian Daenese, who has been in Ceuta for a week, equalized in the 93rd minute. A screw up from Castilla that is too much of a gift for the intractable Alcorcón, the more than solid Córdoba and this new Deportivo powered by Lucas Pérez.


Ceuta: Tomas Mejias; Alain, Robin, Juan Gutiérrez (Pablo, 68′), Macías; Reina, Julio Iglesias (Daenese, 68′), Ñito, Jota (Redondo, 46′), Adri Cuevas (Aisar, 46′); Rodri Rios.
Real Madrid Castile: From Luis; Vinicius Tobias, Rafa Marín, Marvel, Carrillo, Obrador; Dotor (Villar, 57′), Theo Zidane, Arribas, Álvaro Martín; Iker Bravo.
Referee: Sanchez Villalobos (Andalusian).
Goals: 0-1 (11′): Doctor. 0-2 (38′): Doctor. 1-2 (76′): Rodri Ríos. 2-2 (93′): Daenese.


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