Home Sports Casemiro ‘pays the duck’ at Real Madrid

Casemiro ‘pays the duck’ at Real Madrid

Casemiro ‘pays the duck’ at Real Madrid

The Real Madrid is having serious defensive problems at the start of the season and it seems that everyone is starting to point to Charlie Henrique Casemiro as one of the problems since the Brazilian shows an evident downturn in the game that the merengue team is accusing a lot. The midfielder has always been the retaining wall of the Madrid team and it shows a lot when he is not at his best formal moment.

The last meetings have served to realize that the Brazilian is not fine, against Valencia it began to be seen that he was being overwhelmed in the center of the field and in recent games he has also been noted for his defensive fragility, far away from the great wall that it had been seasons ago. The fans are beginning to ask that Eduardo Camavinga take over the title and leave the Brazilian on the bench in the next matches, as a wake-up call.

Reason for your physical downturn

The only reason that I see feasible is the accumulation of matches in his legs since he has never had a change in the Real Madrid And he has been playing practically everything, as with Brazil, this causes fatigue to accumulate and his performance declines. The arrival of Camavinga opens the possibility of giving rest to Casemiro so that he can recover his best version since if he continues to be a starter and playing at this level, Carlo Ancelotti runs the risk that he will end up being a drag on the pitch or even end up injuring himself, something that would be even worse.


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