Home Sports Carlos Verona and Luis León show their discomfort in this Giro

Carlos Verona and Luis León show their discomfort in this Giro

Carlos Verona and Luis León show their discomfort in this Giro

The tension grows and grows in what some cyclists qualify as the “Toughest Giro d’Italia” you have ever seen. In line with the controversial tenth stage, in which the riders requested a change of route before the start of the stage to avoid the port that was located in the middle of the stage, where there were temperatures close to zero degrees, rain and a very strong wind , AS has spoken with several of the Spanish runners present in the Italian round to learn more about the discomfort that has been experienced in the last days of the race.

“We have been in the Giro for two weeks and we have hardly seen the sun, which makes it difficult to maintain health and that also causes falls to multiply. We are seeing a Giro with a lot of wear and tear. It is not the most spectacular, but it is one of the most difficult grand tours I have ever done”, Carlos Verona explained to this newspaper. who reiterated his criticism of what happened in the tenth stage: “I understand what is behind the race, it is clear that you have to respect it and in cycling you have to reckon with the heat and the cold. But there are moments that can be anticipated and modified. If there is a plan B, the other day it was not necessary to climb the port soaked and at 2 degrees. We are people before cyclists. We all love to compete, but those things go against the competition. Instead of favoring the show, it goes against the runners and that goes against the race itself. The cycling of the 21st century does not have to be that of the 20th century. Health is first”.

Luis León Sánchez, in a stage of the Giro 2023.sprintcycling

Beyond inviting reflection, a veteran hardened in a thousand battles as Luis León Sánchez, charged directly against the CPA due, in his opinion, to its ineffectiveness when it comes to protecting the health of the runners: “The problem is neither with the organization of the Giro, nor with the UCI. The problem is that If the Association of Professional Cyclists itself does not look for us, who will? Knowing on the rest day that the weather was going to be very bad the next day, that the conditions on the climb were very bad, with a lot of wind, and we had to face a descent of almost 50 km to the finish line… We knew who we were exposing ourselves to. The CPA is the only one that can decide to remove that output. We, at no time, thought of avoiding the stage, but only that climb. I don’t know what the ACP is for”.

The Murcian, who after abandonment of Pozzovivo is the oldest rider remaining in the race in this Giro (39 years old), he did not hesitate to affirm that this is the grand tour with the worst conditions in which he has competed: “For me, It’s the worst grand tour I’ve ever run. I’ve been 29 and, unfortunately, the weather is being like this. Things are the same for everyone, although some of us are more affected by cold and rain than others. We will try to arrive as safe and sound as possible in Rome.” And it is that this year, more than ever, reaching the Eternal City will be a success.

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