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Carlos Sainz presents his new project

Carlos Sainz presents his new project

How many times have we been surprised seeing Impossible reactions and impeccable reflexes in F1? Unexpected starts, maneuvers or movements require maximum concentration from the drivers which, on the roads, has been lost with the passage of time, distractions and the increase in confidence behind the wheel. Despite the fact that the work of manufacturers, legislation and technology have caused a huge decline of the accident rate in traffic accidents, and therefore of deaths, the figure (1,755 in 2019) continues to be worrying and has been the reason why Carlos Sainz has presented, in collaboration with Infova, Champions Skills for Safety, a course that was born with a different way of approaching road safety.

The man from Madrid felt “the concern of improving road safety” and the result of this is a project that emphasizes the development of the attitude of drivers. The behavior of people behind the wheel remains the main risk factor on the roads and for this reason the course was born “to raise awareness that a bad attitude, bad habits or that lack of concentration when driving, can affect ”. Carlos makes it clear that the main objective of this initiative is to develop preventive routines and behaviors in the drivers since far from what is learned in the circuits, “this is not about teaching to drive faster or make better pilots”.

He makes it clear from the beginning, “it is about make better driverss and change bad habits”, based on a proven methodology both for the development of safe drivers in daily traffic, and for the great pilots in the competition. “It will be a live course” that has been designed for any type of driver, although with special attention to those who use the vehicle on a daily basis, and who will change as the industry evolves of the automotive From the outset, Carlos Sainz’s desire was to “provide a differential value” as recognized by Óscar Fuertes, CEO of Infova, “to make drivers safer who will live a face-to-face experience that will work on mentality, corporality and driving.

“Professional pilots they are able to do what they do because they are trained, sensitive, and are aware of how their corporeality influences in performance and have a series of habits that make this (reaction and decision making) possible”, Óscar finishes arguing, about capacities that they want to extrapolate to daily circulation. That one, in which Sainz himself is included: “We all have to contribute to improve safety behaviour.

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