Both squads have begun to move for the signing of the midfielder

The Athletic of Madrid and the Seville FC continue to explore the market with a view to Next season and have agreed on the same goal: Carlos Alcaraz. And it is not exactly the Spanish tennis player who has stood out, we are talking about an Argentine player who has been dazzling his country for a long time.

Let us remember that for the two coaches both of mattresses like Hispalenses, there are certain flaws in their midfield and offense. This is how they have announced their respective sports directions the desire to incorporate troops in that demarcation. That is where a name in the market of South America.

Carlos Alcaraz Racing
The player is considered the new Lautaro Martínez

Carlos Alcaraz has entered the agenda of the rojiblancos and those of Nervión

In this way, Carlos Alcaraz has become one of the serious possibilities that Atlético and Sevilla FC have. The player who plays for Racing de Avellaneda and is just 19 years old is one of the sensations of Argentine football. For this reason, several greats in Europe are after his services.

This soccer player who has a contract until 2026 is being watched by several scouts in Argentina. His reports continue to be favorable and this has not gone unnoticed by Andrea Berta and Monchi, who would be convinced to add the new South American soccer talent. It is one of the market opportunities and they do not want to miss it.

Alcaraz is a midfielder with goals and projection

Of course, Carlos Alcaraz still has a valid contract. For this reason it is that from Racing they have made it clear that they will have to refer to their termination clause. The figure in which this item is agreed is about 25 million dollars, although for 20 they could let him leave Avellaneda’s team.

It will not be a signing at all easy, since the player is in the orbit of the Old Continent. Juventus, Inter and Milan want him in Serie A, while Arsenal, Wolverhampton and Tottenham will do the same in the Premier League. So far, the Argentine soccer player has accumulated a total of 4 goals in the 14 games he has played, without a doubt, a cash of great projection.


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