Cardano getting closer Vasil update, this has yet to happen

September may just be the month of the big updates! The Ethereum (ETH) Merge is on the way, but its rival Cardano (ADA) is also getting close to being his Vasil hard fork activates. In an update, the developer behind Cardano, Input Output Global (IOG), informs that the network is approaching a number of requirements.

Cardano approaches Vasil update

In a short update on Twitter, IOG announces that no new bugs have been found in the current node version. This is the software version on which the nodes within the network run. Previously, the cardano news reported that several bugs had been found in previous versions. Because of this, Vasil was already postponed.

So now it looks a lot better. Version 1.35.3 is most likely the version with which the nodes will activate Vasil. It is important that as many nodes as possible switch to this version. The update states that so far 42% of the transaction blocks are produced by nodes with version 1.35.3.

However, more recent data shows that this percentage has already increased to 47%. The threshold required to activate Vasil is 75%. So many nodes still have to make the switch, but there seems to be progress.

Binance update are also Cardano nodes

In preparation for the hard fork, IOG is also focusing on the major exchanges. By ensuring that they also update their nodes, Vasil will provide virtually no interruption to ADA owners and other parties within the network. Binance, the largest exchange in the world, has announced that it has updated its nodes.

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A total of 25 major exchanges, which together represent 80% of ADA liquidity, are said to have made the switch. In addition, the top 10 applications on the mainnet same.

Once the thresholds are reached, the team will announce the final launch date of Vasil. Vasil brings many improvements that make transactions more efficient and the network can handle more activity.

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