Cardano and shiba inu often long held by Coinbase users

How long do you usually hold your crypto? Out dates from crypto exchange Coinbase, it appears that investors especially long hold shiba inu (SHIB) and cardano (ADA). Even longer than the mother of all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin (BTC)!

Cardano often 122 days in Coinbase account

Coinbase shows per cryptocurrency how long the typical hold-time is. This can show several things. As Coinbase itself states: “long hold times signal an accumulation trend. A short hold time is an indication that the crypto is being sold faster.”

Looking at several major cryptocurrencies, it is noticeable that the typical hold time of, for example, cardano is 122 days. For bitcoin that is 115 days, and ethereum (ETH) 87 days. Solana (SOL) is often held by investors for 79 days and dogecoin (DOGE) for 80 days.

Shiba inu is also often held for a long time

It is striking that dogecoin rival shiba inu also remains in the hands of the investor for a relatively long time. SHIB’s typical hold time is 121 days. Of course, this does not mean that SHIB is a more interesting investment. Compared to 121 days ago, which was at the end of December 2021, shiba inu is down 40%. It is therefore often the case that especially novice investors prefer to stick to their investments that are under water instead of taking a loss.

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Shiba inu meanwhile keeps busy developing. For example, a few days in the shiba inu news it could be read that the project was a burn portal has launched. This gives SHIB holders a reward if they destroy it.

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