Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, the residency of workers and their families is not renewed without payment of a fee, however, a person discovered on Twitter that the monthly fee for renewal of residency of a widow must be paid. Or can be forgiven?

According to the residency law, a law has been enacted in Saudi Arabia since 2017. Under the residency law, every foreigner living in the kingdom has to pay a one-year fee on a monthly basis to renew the residency of their dependent family. Have to pay

It should be noted that in Saudi Arabia, a monthly fee is charged for the renewal of the residency of the families of foreign workers. In the past, renewal fees had to be paid on an annual basis.

When the said law was issued in 2017, at the time the family was charged at the rate of 100 riyals per month and 12 months fee was charged in one lump sum, in 2018 the fee was charged at the rate of 200 riyals per month while the third 300 riyals per month with an increase of 100 riyals per year.

In 2020, a monthly fee of 400 riyals was collected, which is still ongoing.

According to the law, foreign workers residing in the country with their families can renew their residency only after paying a fee to their family members, including their spouses and children.

If the family fee is not paid, the worker’s residency cannot be renewed.

However, the fee is not waived in any case, it is necessary to pay, but since last year, the government has renewed the residency of foreign workers quarterly instead of annually.