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Camavinga gets tired and makes an appointment with Florentino: dramatic condition to continue at Real Madrid

While the white president manages the departures of his different discards, the French midfielder who is the undisputed starter, threatens to leave the Santiago Bernabéu if he is not listened to.

As if elimination in the Champions League was no longer a headache, the real Madrid has a new dilemma, this time with Eduardo Camavinga. The midfielder is one of the fixtures on the part of Carlo Ancelottibecause thanks to his versatility and versatility, he has excelled in positions where he does not play naturally.

This is precisely the reason why Camavinga wants to talk to Florentino Pérez, because his coach does not listen to him. The Frenchman wants to continue at Real Madrid, but if they return him to his natural demarcation, midfield. It is there where he performs at his best, and it was in that position that the Madridista team met him.

CamavingaReal Madrid
The only thing Camavinga asks to continue at Real Madrid is for Ancelotti to return him to his original position, midfield.

Ultimatum to Real Madrid, if Camavinga does not return to midfield

In recent games we have seen how the French midfielder plays in the position of left back, since Ferland Mendy is at a terrible level. In addition, David Alaba, who was hired for the left-handed wing, stated that he likes to play more in central defense. Thus, Carlo Ancelotti did not find any other solution than to place the former Stade Rennais for that demarcation.

Camavinga does not do badly, in fact his work there is remarkable and gives the team a way out on that flank. But he has repeatedly stated that he does not feel comfortable. His request is simple, to play in the midfield again, in the second line with Fede Valverde and Toni Kroos. But if the Italian coach insists on continuing to play with him as a winger, he prefers to leave Real Madrid.

The solution to the problem between Real Madrid and Camavinga is already on the way

From the simplest perspective, the solution for the French midfielder to return to his usual position is to hire a clear left-back. Well, that is precisely what he is going to do, or rather, Florentino Pérez has already done. Let’s remember that Fran García is already approved by the merengue club, and once his season with Rayo Vallecano ends, he will go to Chamartín.

The ideal would be to hire another left-handed winger, since the departure of Ferland Mendy is almost a fact. In the event that Real Madrid only plays with García as the only winger, it is possible that Camavinga will return to that position, when the former Castilla is not available. For the moment the Frenchman will have to continue playing in that position, while LaLiga ends.

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