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Cádiz CF finds Espino’s replacement in River Plate

The Argentine winger could embark on a new course if a great team comes for him

The pacha hawthorn never closed the door Cadiz CF, so its continuity this summer is not entirely guaranteed. In fact, just a few days ago she confessed that his dream is to play for Atlético de Madrid, a club that was interested in his situation before the signing of Reinildo. However, now this interest has cooled and he will have to look for another great club to make the leap to this summer.

As if that were not enough, Cádiz CF could not only lose its starting left-back, but also its substitute. As we have recently learned, Arzamendia has publicly expressed his desire to leave the club this summer, pointing to Independiente as a favorite destination. The latest information points to a total divorce between club and playerbecause they have even stopped following on social networks.

Hawthorn Cadiz
Fabrizio Angileri will try his luck in Europe

The price that Cádiz CF asks for Espino

Despite the fact that the footballer does not rule out making the leap to a great team this summer market, the club’s intention is for him to continue under the orders of Sergio González. In the Tacita de Plata they know that the Uruguayan is vital, both on and off the pitch. Something that has served him to be one of the most beloved players in the current squad due to the character that he transmits in each game.

Just the opposite of what happens with Arzamendia, who arrived after paying 2 million euros. However, he has never been convincing on the pitch and is confronted with the fans over his statements. Some statements that, in addition, do not favor the club in the negotiations with Independiente, who will try to get the player for the least possible price.

Cádiz CF is interested in a side from River Plate

Knowing that with complete certainty they will have to look for a new left-hander in the market, the sports management of Cádiz CF has already set to work. There are many names on the table, but in the last few hours that of a River Plate footballer who wants to make the leap to Europe has come out. Of course, the yellows are not the only ones interested in signing him, as many teams have already asked about his situation.

This footballer is Fabrizio Angileri, who will end his relationship with River Plate in July. At 28 years old, he is looking for his first experience in European football, since he also has an Italian passport, so he does not occupy a non-EU position. Cádiz CF is one of the teams that has asked about his situation, although the player would like to have minutes and if Espino continues, his arrival seems more complicated.

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