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Buy items now but pay later, the new online service has taken over

Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, a fintech company called ‘Tamara’ offers its customers the ability to pay later for the purchase of goods.

According to Arab media reports, Tamara allows her customers to pay for purchases of anything online later. A financial report on Saudi Arabia says that Tamara has become the kingdom’s largest start-up this year.

Magent, a financial institution, has published a report on the investments of other companies, including Tamara.

The report said that the Tamara Investment Company had raised $ 110-110 million through global payment processors in April 2021 and has since risen to 6.6 million.

The second largest Saudi company after Tamara is Siri. The company earned 30.5 million in May of this year. Surrey raised a total of $ 37.37 million compared to Series B and Sequin Valley.

Similarly, ‘Foodix’ also won domestically, earning around ً 20 million. Fourth on the list is computer software and electronics maker Azum, which raised $ 0.5 million in February 2021. In Saudi Arabia, companies like Asr Al-Jawal and Lindo are also second to none.

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