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Bulgarian writer Georgy Gospodinov won the Booker

Author Georgy Gospodinov (right) and translator Angela Rodel.  Image – Taken from The Guardian.

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov won the International Booker Prize. Angela Rodel has translated her Bulgarian novel ‘Time Shelter’ into English. This is the first book in Bulgarian literature reward got News – The Guardian.

The Booker Prize is worth £50,000. The prize money will be shared between the author and the translator.

The novel is set in a clinic that provides experimental Alzheimer’s treatments. The novel revolves around the process of awakening patients’ memories and reconstructing the memory world of past decades down to the smallest detail.

Novelist and poet Georgy Gospodinov was born in 1968. Gospodinov is the most internationally acclaimed modern Bulgarian writer. His writings have been translated into 25 languages.

Translator Angela Rodel is from the US state of Minnesota but lives in Bulgaria. His poetry and prose translations have been published in many literary journals. He was granted Bulgarian citizenship in 2014 for his contribution to Bulgarian culture.

The International Booker Prize is awarded annually. Novels written or translated into English published in the UK or Ireland are considered for this award.

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