Budget bill approved at first reading

With one trillion 479 thousand 119 million(RD$1,479,119.1 MM) was approved yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies, the bill of the General State Budget for 2023.

The piece, which is necessary as established by the Constitution, was widely debated by the deputies, with the majority of the opposition legislators being against it.

The differences of the opposition, in addition to having been expressed during the debates, were reflected in two modification requests and the presentation of a dissenting report.

However, beyond the requests, both the modifications and the dissident report were rejected, by imposing the vote of the majority of the pro-government legislators.

In all three cases, the legislators of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and allies prevented the changes with an average of 90 negative votes, as opposed to just over 60 in favor of the opposition.

While the report rendered by the bicameral commission that studied the piece, it was approved by a vote of 100 votes in favor and 63 against.

After this and before sanctioning the piece at first reading, the PRM spokesman, Julito Fulcar, withdrew a request that he had made to see the “emergency” piece, justifying his decision that he wants “opposition friends to better analyze the budget”.

The final vote that passed in first reading the project had 100 votes in favor and 62 against.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, convened the following session for next Tuesday, which will continue with the knowledge, in second reading, of the budget.

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