Britain is facing a new epidemic after Corona

London: Great Britain, suffering from severe recession, is facing a new epidemic.

According to a foreign media report, bird flu virus has been identified in two people working in a poultry farm in the UK.

In a statement issued by the British Health Safety Agency, it was said that two people working in a poultry farm have tested positive for bird flu, but there are no signs of human-to-human transmission in them. kept in isolation.

UKHSA Professor Susan Hopkins on the spread of bird flu said: “Current indications are that the bird flu virus we see circulating in birds around the world does not easily spread to humans.

He said there was a risk that the virus could spread to people who had close contact with infected birds and therefore efforts were made to get more information about the risks of the disease from those infected with the virus.

It should be noted that after a gap of more than one and a half years, a case of bird flu has appeared in the United Kingdom. Before that, a case of bird flu transmission from a poultry farm to humans was reported in January 2022.

In this context, the United Kingdom in October 2022 to control bird flu cases across the country "”Bird Flu Prevention Zone” was announced.

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