Home Sports Brazil’s 2 alternatives in case they don’t hire Carlo Ancelotti

Brazil’s 2 alternatives in case they don’t hire Carlo Ancelotti

Brazil's 2 alternatives in case they don't hire Carlo Ancelotti

After the refusal of Carlo Ancelotti to take charge of the bench of the Brazilian team, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) He is looking for a new coach. Although the Italian was his main favourite, Ancelotti has decided to continue his relationship with Real Madrid.

In this context, according to ESPN reports, two new candidates have already emerged to direct the “canarinha”. The selected ones are Abel Ferreiracurrent coach of Palmeiras, and Fernando Diniz, Fluminense coach. Both coaches are highly valued by the CBF, which has yet to find a replacement for Tite since his departure after the World Cup in Qatar.

Brazil’s 2 alternatives in case they don’t hire Carlo Ancelotti

Abel Ferreira has had great success in his time at Palmeiras, leading the team to the conquest of the Copa Libertadores and the Recopa Sudamericana. His attacking style of play and his ability to nurture young players make him an attractive option for the Brazilian national team.

On the other hand, Fernando Diniz has left a positive mark on Fluminense with a showy and courageous game. Despite not having won major titles, his tactical approach and his ability to work with promising youngsters have earned him recognition in Brazilian soccer.

The CBF must carefully evaluate both candidates and consider which of them best fits the long-term project of the Brazilian team. The choice of the new coach is crucial, as Brazil aims to maintain its hegemony in South American football and aspires to achieve success in international competitions.

Although Ancelotti’s refusal was a setback for the CBF, having local coaches like Abel Ferreira and Fernando Diniz provides the opportunity to bet on national talent and build a solid identity in the Brazilian team.

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