Brazilian senator affirms that Bolsonaro sought to convince him to carry out a coup

Senator Marcos do Val, of the conservative Podemos party, has assured that the former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro sought to convince him to carry out a coup, taking advantage of his military experience, during a meeting they had with former deputy Daniel Silveira, now detained.

"I got angry when they called me a bolsonarista. You expected me to drop a bomb. On Friday, Bolsonaro’s attempt to convince me to carry out a coup with him will appear in ‘Veja’ (a Brazilian magazine)."has revealed on the night of this Wednesday in a direct through his social networks.

After denouncing Bolsonaro’s alleged coup aspirations, Do Val has used his Instagram profile to announce that after four years As a senator for the state of Espirito Santo, he left politics for good and would return to the United States with his family to continue his career.

However, he has since backed down and has confirmed that he will continue to occupy his seat in the Senate. Hours before, she had affirmed that the offenses he received were weighing heavily on his family and that his time and his health did not give more than themselves.

For his part, the first of the offspring of the former Brazilian president, also Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, has confirmed the existence of that meeting that took place in December, but has ruled out that what was discussed in it constituted a crime.

"In our legislation, at least, that is not a crime. Even if it is true, because I don’t know if it is, talking about it is not a crime. Carry it out if it would be. A crime, from my point of view, minor"has valued.

Flavio Bolsonaro, however, has criticized that Do Val used that climate of "Liberty" Y "confidence" that existed in that meeting to record and "harm" to Silveira. "That is not in our principles and I do not agree with that in any way"has protested.

At the same time, he has criticized that Do Val is changing versions "from one hour to another" and has asked him to analyze "calmly" the whole situation. Even so, he has said that the senator of Podemos has let him know that that idea was "stuff" de Silveira and that Bolsonaro did not want to have "nothing to do with it".

Meanwhile, Supreme Court judge Alexandre de Moraes has authorized him to be questioned, after the Federal Police will file a request after Do Val will disclose on social media "relevant information" for the investigation opened by the coup attacks of January 8. The appointment is scheduled for this Thursday.

Do Val’s threat of resignation took place a few hours after deputies and senators from both chambers of the Brazilian Congress took office. In the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira was re-elected president, not only confirming expectations, but also achieving a record vote, with more than 92 percent of the votes after the agreement of fifteen benches.

In the Senate, the vote was somewhat more close, but finally Rodrigo Pacheco revalidated his mandate, and the Bolsonaro Rogério Marinho prevailed, thanks in part to pressure from the Workers’ Party (PT) of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who prevailed thus in the first clash of the legislature.

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