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Brazil: the new antipetism

Brazil: the new antipetism

From Rio de Janeiro

In the new wave of antipetism, the Workers’ Party (PT) is blamed for the fact that former Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta (a military man close to the center-right Democrats party) has entered Bolsonaro’s government. And he is also blamed for the Rolex of Marcos Rogerio, a right-wing MP who wears that kind of watch.

But this is not new. When the PT was founded, the party was blamed for introducing the class struggle in Brazil; as if classes and the class struggle did not exist in Brazil before the founding of the PT.


As if the exploitation of indigenous peoples by the colonizers and more than three centuries of exploitation of the labor of blacks forced by the colonizers to be slaves, did not mean exploitation, super-exploitation of classes. As for antipetism When the PT was founded, the workers could finally have a party that defended their interests, it was at that moment that the class struggle arose in Brazil.

But the fault of the PT is that it made it possible for the workers to have their own party and to vote for that party, to the point of electing, for the first time in our history, a labor leader, a lathe operator, an immigrant from the northeast of the country, President of the Republic.

The PT is to blame that the workers began to dispute the possibility of governing the country with a president of the union movement. The PT is to blame that the center of Brazilian politics is no longer polarized between parties that only represent the Brazilian elite, but now it has a pole that represents the workers.


The PT, for those who do not accept having been left out of the dispute for political hegemony in Brazil, is responsible for everything: they blame the PT for representing an anti-neoliberal alternative in the country and, therefore, for representing an alternative for Brazil.

The PT was blamed for running the most virtuous governments in Brazilian political history by combining economic and social investments with inflation control and balance in public accounts, denying, in practice and not just in word, the thesis of the single thought and the Washington Consensus.

The PT managed to attack and reduce the most serious problem in Brazil: social inequalities. Thus, it reduced inequalities by creating more than 20 million formal jobs, increasing the minimum wage by 70 percent above inflation, extending social policies to the entire population and favoring the poorest.


The PT is guilty of having made Brazil a world reference in the fight against hunger and poverty, having projected its president as the most important left-wing leader in the world and an example of sovereign foreign policy.

In addition, the PT is guilty of having suffered a coup d’état articulated by the right and supported by other sectors, with people from the leftist countryside allowing themselves to be carried away by the lies of Lava Jato and assuming the PT and Lula were corrupt. The PT began to be accused of having generated the monsters that gave it the blow, which took out Dilma rousseff of the presidency and replaced it with opponents of democracy and the Brazilian people.


The PT began to be accused of the coup that overthrew it, of the emergence of coup leaders who began to rule against the PT, against democracy, against the people and against national sovereignty.

Antipetism became the great hope of those who wanted to defeat the PT. Disqualify the PT not because of its program, not because of its governments, but rather trying to erase from the consciousness of the people what the PT brought to the country with its governments, with its proposals for the country. Delete image from Lula da Silva, by qualifying him as prisoner and corrupt.

Anti-petitismo became the anti-communism of our time. The ghost that is used to blackmailing, as if the return of the PT were the return of the worst things Brazil has experienced. When it is the opposite.

Today Lula is Brazil, he is democracy, he is popular sovereignty, he is the representative of the Brazilian people. The PT is guilty of having in its ranks, as its main leader, the greatest political and mass leader the country has ever had. The PT is guilty.


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