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Brais Méndez finds his kryptonite at Real Sociedad

The complicated situation of Méndez and Oyarzabal with the penalties and the penalties

Brais Méndez is facing a veritable penalty nightmare having missed all his attempts this season, including a crucial one against Mallorca in the Copa del Rey. Their recent record shows a worrying lack of effectiveness from the penalty spot, made worse by the absence of Mikel Oyarzabal, the team’s specialist. Although we have outstanding players like Merino, Kubo and Silva on the field, Méndez took responsibilityonly to see the opposing goalkeeper stop his shot, adding his third straight penalty shot penalty.

The penalty situation at Real Sociedad not only represents an individual challenge for Brais Méndez, but also highlights a tactical aspect that the team must tackle together. The pressure and expectation associated with every shot can have a significant impact on the outcome and it is crucial that the club continues to develop a strategy that minimizes these factors for your future pitchers.

Penalty for Brais Mendez
This strategy could include more intensive psychological preparation as well as specific exercises focused on improving technique and decision-making under pressure.

The psychology behind missed penalties

Consecutive missed penalties, especially at crucial moments, can have a noticeable impact on team morale. Collective trust is compromised when players realize that the possibilities for Secure victories or advance in competitions they disappear due to individual mistakes.

To mitigate the negative impact of penalties, Real Sociedad could conduct psychological coaching sessions focusing on resilience and pressure management. These sessions would help players develop a stronger mentality, Prepare them to handle moments of high tension with greater confidence.

The search for long-term solutions

Given the challenges posed by the ineffectiveness of penalties, Real Sociedad is in a position to try new training methods. The use of advanced technologies such as virtual reality to simulate game scenarios or data analysis to study the tendencies of opposing goalkeepers, could provide players with more comprehensive and effective preparation.

Transforming Real Sociedad’s effectiveness in penalty shootouts requires creating a culture that sees these moments not as a source of pressure, but as an opportunity to stand out and contribute to the team’s success. Create an environment where players feel excited and ready to fight Imposing a penalty could change the narrative around these crucial moments.

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