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Bouquet of interest in Kyrie Irving: from Doncic to LeBron with doubt as a link

Bouquet of interest in Kyrie Irving: from Doncic to LeBron with doubt as a link

In the narcissistic drift of each year to see who is the biggest protagonist of the NBA market closing, there is already a winner in 2023. Is about Kyrie Irvingplayer of brooklyn nets, you’ve lost get out right now. If he makes it to the summer in the team, he will leave when he is free due to the termination of his contract at the end of June. He asks to leave a franchise that convinced Kevin Durant in 2022 in a similar situation and that, after killing Steve Nash as head of the bench, has come back bravely in recent months within the Eastern Conference: he came to win 12 games in a row and is now the fourth ranked with 31-20. And why then? The wind comes from the renewal offer that Marks, GM, extended to Shetellia Irving, the player’s stepmother and also agent, which the point guard considers unnecessary. What he asks for ESPNit is a 4-year contract and around 198-199 million dollars. Time is running in nobody’s favor, given the situation: the Nets see it as far away to retain the star, given the low offer received and the little consideration that this entails after having shown himself open to renewal, and Kyrie has issued an ultimatum that is difficult to accept. satisfy with the load of extra-sporting scandals and bad manners that he carries in his backpack.

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The renewal offer presented to Irving included some clauses that his part considers abusive. For example, that it is contingent on winning the championship. Because, as much as the team can do it, they don’t want that kind of strings attached. Over thirty years old, he seeks to continue winning without additional pressure to the one generated by his decisions and to which he goes as standard with the position of player.

The quiet response spoke for himself, but the Nets have shown “surprised”. And that includes, how he slides Adrian WojnarowskiAlso Kevin Durant. The player who allied with him in 2019 to form a super team, with whom he has managed on the sidelines in various matters and with whom he hoped to create a dynasty in the city that never sleeps, did not smell the toast on this occasion. The improved coexistence in recent weeks is once again blown up in the most explosive team in the entire NBA.

It’s a defining moment for the Nets, you understand, having to redo the project for another year, and again in the middle of the season. It already happened with Harden, who in the end has been left as a visionary when he got out of there. For Irving there is no turning back with Brooklyn, according to what is leaked, not even if the maximum contract came after this snub. Until next Thursday there is time, although meager, to change scenery.

Marc Stein has dropped two possible destinations: lakers and Mavericks. Shams Charania has added to the suns and Brian Windhorst also sees him in the Heat.

This is how the cards are shuffled right now in the aforementioned places:

· Lakers. LeBron James reacted to the news with some emoticons on his Twitter account, as if he knew more than he wanted to tell. He is the main supporter of a meeting with Irving, with whom he triumphed in Cleveland and despite the fact that the point guard left him to go to Boston to lead a project that went wrong. He and Davis need a third star to bring something more than Westbrook, and Kyrie seems like the one if he looks at what else the base market brings. Utah has emerged as an alternative to move Russ and Charlotte reappears with Rozier to get more teams involved in a deal. The case of the two Bogdanovics has also been discussed recently, because Bojan (Pistons) has been joined by interest in Bogdan (Hawks). The options are open and, as Chris Haynes says, the Angelenos have become aware, based on sticks, that they need another transfer apart from that of Rui Hachimura to arrive with the chances of competing for everything.

Mavericks. For Brooklyn it is a priority to have Spencer Dinwiddie, an ex, and Dorian Finney-Smith in an agreement for KAI The player can rely on the relationship he has with Nico Harrison, general manager, and Jason Kidd, head coach, to land there , but what they are willing to offer in Dallas is not that much, for the moment. Wood is also transferable, everyone except Doncic is, and more than one movement cannot be ruled out in Dallas. The need to pair Luka with another megastar is urgent if they want to reach the same heights as in recent playoffs.

· Suns. The exit ramp is served for Jae Crowder, who patiently awaits a transfer while he is out of the daily discipline. They are looking at options for Chris Paul and the tension and suspicions around the figure of DeAndre Ayton continue despite the renewal of the summer.

Heat. A trade involving Irving and, in the Heat’s case, veteran Kyle Lowry, champion four years ago in Toronto, has been proposed since December. For now it has been ruled out. Miami has Robinson or Dedmon, also active pieces in this same market.

Another important aspect is that you agree to Kyrie Irving’s maximum contract demand. As market expert Bobby Marks has clarified, the most other teams can offer him is 73.6 million for 2 years if he is traded and only if the Nets pay the premium (Irving has a 15% bonus if he gets into a barter). In other words, he would not get all the money he wants even if the amount is enough. He only would retain the max option if he remains with the Nets and is re-signed or his contract simply expires. That’s why the time is now.

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