Borja Iglesias placeholder image It is news in Andalusia right now on account of the new guidelines that the Real Betis Balompié, who wants you as the hiring axis of his new star. And it is a secret for no one that finances are not going as expected, and even less after the stop of the pandemic. So the speculation starts with a salary cut, with an extension of his contract.

The idea is to polish his salary mass to make room for Dani Ceballos, a player with whom there is already a prior agreement. The player wants and needs to make a space in the club of his loves, which has shown him the way to take the same level as always, with constant appearances in the planning of Manuel Pellegrini.

In fact, speculation dictates that the deal would be carried out from the winter market. At the beginning, it would be raised as a transfer and Betis will have to contribute 20% of the payment of the player’s token to later assume a mandatory purchase. At this moment it is impossible to do it, but they have a strategy that they are going to implement.

The first thing they are going to execute is the departure of Joel Robles and Rober, who as everything indicates are options for SD Eibar. If the interested club acquires them, they release two tokens, which together with the panda discount, satisfactorily complies with the statute already generated for Ceballos. An issue that had everyone worried on that route that marks the final destination.

However, everything has sounded very reassuring, but it is nothing more than the extension of another concern, because as it is known, between 20 and 25 million the return of the 235-year-old midfielder to the Andalusian club has been assessed. A strong blow to the economy of one of the institutions that depends on the return of the people to the stadium and their winnings in the international tournament.


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