The famous gang leader U2, Bondgave a concert together with Dave Howell Evans, known as The Edgein a subway station in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

This Sunday, the musicians arrived in Ukraine to give a small improvised recital in the Khreshchatyk station.

The presentation began while the sirens of an air raid sounded Y featured the participation of a Ukrainian soldier who had been specially invited to sing along with the duet of the Irish band. Among the small audience, there were several Ukrainian soldiers in their regulation clothing.

“The people of Ukraine are not only fighting for their freedom, but for all of us who love freedom”Paul David Hewson CBE, better known as Bono, said, adding: “We pray that they will soon enjoy some of that peace.”

The singer and guitarist also mentioned war conflicts that occurred in Ireland and assured that “There is nowhere in the whole world that we would rather be today than in the great city of kyiv.”

The concert featured classics from the legendary band U2 such as “Angel of Harlem”, “’Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Desire” and “With or without you”.

Bono’s social commitment

After Angelina Jolie’s visit last week, the Irish singer is the second well-known artist to visit Ukraine since the start of the war with Russia on February 24.

It is not the first time that Bono has been committed to certain social conflicts. The U2 singer has carried out activities together with Amnesty International to raise funds and awareness about the series of abuses and discrimination suffered by many countries in Africa.

He has also been seen participating in events with Greenpeace, Wildlife Conservation Society, Clinton Global Initiative, Every Mother Counts, UNICEF and War Child. These actions have led him to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


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