Boca and Tigre are already vying for the League Cup title today (ESPN Premium and TNT Sports) at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, in Córdoba. Sebastián Battaglia’s team arrives with all their football doubts, including their uncertain future in the Copa Libertadores, but a solid defensive gait that allowed them to leave Racing on penalties in the semifinals. On the other hand, those led by Diego Martínez, want to achieve the seemingly impossible after being promoted to the top flight at the end of last year. In the semifinal they eliminated Argentinos, also on penalties.

At the start, better Tiger

There seem to be more white jerseys than blue and yellow. Visual deception is not so much. Tigre’s midfielders move more than Boca’s, both when they have the ball and when they don’t. Consequently, Diego Martínez’s team has more passing options while Battaglia’s, once in possession, are very marked. An example of this was a first intervention by Romero, surrounded by four rivals and losing in his own field.

Of course to the good collective functioning of the Matador, the Xeneize responds with individualities. Salvio was able to get a couple of marks off him at sheer speed and made it to the area before dropping. Later, Villa starred in the clearest move of the opening minutes with a free kick that forced a very good reaction from Marinelli.

Benedetto’s goal that wasn’t

Boca settled down with the passing of the minutes and even managed to build nice plays after extensive touching. One ended with a great definition of Benedetto, but the line judge annulled it for advanced position. The VAR confirmed the referee’s decision, although stopping the game for several minutes.

Ball goes, ball comes, Boca goal

From 30 minutes the development of the party became anarchic. Although Boca continued to dominate the ball, nothing clear could be done with this. He even got complicated playing too much in his own field, risking being badly stopped. Tigre, for his part, settled for the xeneize proposal and dedicated himself to waiting. The best player of his happened to be Prediger, a specialist in the art of work and win. On the contrary, his midfield partner, Ezequiel Fernández, still hasn’t gotten one.

Thus, with the game without a clear dominator, everything was given for both casts to go to halftime without emotions. But a good climb by Fabra -his first of the game- led to a corner and from there Marcos Rojo rose above everyone to make it 1-0 with the great complicity of goalkeeper Marinelli, who practically lost the ball from his hands.

The crosses of Advíncula

It is not that Tigre came out in the second half in a storm but, Between his own need and rival compliance, he was able to approach Rossi’s bow. It is then that the Peruvian Advíncula became a bastion of his defense with three key crosses against the restless Retegui and Colidio. Tigre becomes friendly with the ball and Battaglia begins to move the bench. While, Rossi saved Boca from the tie after a cross shot from Retegui.


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