Boca went out to play against Defense with a lot of decision, and convinced that he had to attack him from the beginning. The local team stopped in the rival field and had control of the ball to become dominant.

The stance he acquired caused opportunities to gain an advantage to quickly appear. He saved with a shot from medium distance, and then Zambrano with a header that hit the crossbar were the most dangerous actions in the first five minutes.

Varela settled alone in front of the defensive line, then the rest of the midfielders shared the midfield with Villa, who settled on the left, and Benedetto was the most offensive man. With that scheme he had the initiative and overwhelmed Defense on the sides.

Varela’s team was surprised and could not take possession of the ball due to the local pressure. Guillermo Fernandez was also close to converting under the arc, but his bunt went over the arc. Boca showed a position that had not been offering, more aggressive and determined to go in search of imbalance.

The controversy of the night happened at 32 minutes, when Fernández he converted the goal after being assisted by Villa, but the referee ended up canceling it through the VAR, for a foul by the Colombian on Tripichio prior to qualification.

Villa got even for that situation eight minutes later, when he headed down the left, he eluded Tripichio’s mark, and defined with his right foot to the near post to Unsain’s surprise. The striker played a great first half and was unstoppable for his marker, which he surpassed in speed on several occasions.

Boca’s position did not change in the second half, and he continued to launch into the Defense field, which had not been able to finish off Rossi’s goal at risk. This situation occurred only 22 minutes into that part, through the admitted Hugo Fernández.

Defense and Justice, which had been exhibiting soccer with a high collective participation, could not capture that scaffolding on the Boca field. The fact that he came from playing on Sunday could have been a determining factor in that aspect, due to the fact that some players were seen to be fatigued and with a lack of reaction.

The duel began to be sentenced at 32 minutes, when Ramírez defined with a cross shot entering from the right to score the second goal. The precise pass had been from the Paraguayan Romero. At that point, those of Varela did not have the necessary strength to be able to reverse that situation, especially after how little they had offered throughout the match.

Boca will now face a crucial meeting against Racing, which continues with a pure forceful walk and remains undefeated in the contest.


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