Blue Beetle: The main actor teases a big wave of cameos to come

Blue Beetle will be the third and penultimate film closing the catastrophic end of the course of the ex-universe DC. It will, moreover, be considered as the first feature film inducting one of the heroes that will be found in the DC universe made in james gunn. It will also introduce, for the first time, a Latino superhero – confirming the will of DC Movies to include more minorities in his films. In a recent interview withTheWrap, Xolo Mariduenathe main actor, unveiled – without naming them – that many cameos are on the program in Blue Beetle and that it was going to bring genuine satisfaction to Expanded Universe fans.

“I think if you’re a DC aficionado, there’s going to be more than one character you’ll recognize. »

Some are already thinking of Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) or Flash (Ezra Miller) even if the very bad critical feedback of the latter’s solo film tends to definitively leave these characters aside. For example, wonder woman was underutilized, signing just two little forgettable and non-essential cameos in Flash And Shazam: Rage of the Gods. To discover Blue BeetleIn any case, see you on August 16.

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