Biyombo: “At 53 years old, Michael Jordan was still killing us all”

At 30 years old, Bismack Biyombo is already a veteran in an NBA in which he has been since 2011. The Congolese center, who came to Spain at the age of 17 thanks to Mario Palma, who discovered him in a tournament in Yemen and signed him for Fuenlabrada , was number 7 of draft and has gone through Hornets (first Bobcats), Raptors, Magic, Hornets again and now Sunswhere his imposing physique gives minutes in the interior rotation of what is, a priori and when injuries do not strike, one of the best teams in the NBA.

In 2016, when the new income generated by television rights sent wages skyrocketing, signed a 4-year, $72 million contract with the Magic, his best deal ever in a league from which he was later with one foot outside. Her work helped her recover the site. Meanwhile, she has done a lot for his home country: he donated a million dollars during the pandemic for medical equipment and All his salary for this 2021-22 season will be used, in full, for the construction of a hospital. We are talking about almost three million dollars.

Biyombo has spoken, before facing his former team, with the Arizona press about his years in Carolina with the Hornets, the franchise that Michael Jordan owns, no less: “He was always trying to teach us things, give us advice. He knew that he was someone I could turn to whenever I needed something, and that was the case when I was on your team but also when I’ve been on others”.

In addition, the center remembers that already well past fifty (he is close to turning 60), Jordan still liked to put on his training clothes and go out on the track. The result might seem surprising, but he is not knowing the eternal 23: “Mike is Mike. You would see him play one on one and he would beat all the players after the games. It will be about seven or eight years from this, so he was already over 50. He would come to training, play one on one and kill all our players, it was like that 100 percent. It seemed impossible that he could move like this. I remember someone the pandemic challenged him. I don’t recommend anyone to do that.”.

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