Bitvavo supports LUNA airdrop and migration

The big crypto news that has been on the minds for some time now is the situation regarding Terra (LUNA). Today the new network will go live and there will also be an airdrop. The Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo recently made familiar to support this migration and airdrop.

Bitvavo supports LUNA airdrop

The exchange announced that, under the plan, it will receive two snapshots will take. One before and one after the crash. Subsequently, Bitvavo has shut down trading in LUNA and will change the name of the old LUNA to terra classic (LUNC). Once the migration is complete, trading in LUNA and LUNC will resume.

The airdrop that will be held will also be supported by Bitvavo. Here’s what it says in the blog post:

“We will distribute the new Terra 2.0 token (LUNA) to all eligible users based on the Terra project team’s token distribution plan. The payout ratio per account will be announced in a separate announcement.”

In short, users who have LUNA in their Bitvavo account will also be eligible for the new cryptocurrency.

LUNA airdrop, how much do you get?

And then you will probably wonder how much you will get. LUNA’s airdrop does not simply consist of distributing all tokens at once based on a 1:1 ratio. This will go according to a plan that the Terra team announced earlier.

So it depends on when you bought your LUNA, i.e. whether it was before or after the crash. It also matters how much LUNA you own. Whether it is a fat pot depends of course on the LUNA price, but given Terra’s plan, there is a good chance that it will be disappointing. For example, for every 1 LUNA you bought after the crash, you only get 0.000015 new LUNA.

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Read here an overview of exactly how much you get!

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