Bitcoin is in bad shape

In this new video we will mainly focus on Bitcoin (BTC). The price of the king of cryptocurrencies is not in good shape at the moment and I will see what might happen in the near future.

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Bitcoin price: blood on the wall?

Today we saw a pretty red crypto market and the price of BTC even fell below the important $41,000 zone after a decline of more than 4.5%. In the last 7 days even over 10% under water. We recently saw that the ETFs were approved.

It's actually no surprise to me that the price would fall after the launch of the Bitcoin spot ETFs. In my opinion, the market simply needs a correction now, as we have actually only been rising for a long time. Therefore, you may be less optimistic in the short term.

We also see this on the BTC chart. It just doesn't look very good and we may see more movement towards movement, perhaps after a short bounce.

Want to see the full analysis and find out exactly what I expect in the coming week? Then check out my latest video above.

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