Bitcoin and Litecoin price predictions fail due to banking crisis. Could the Metacade presale be a much better investment?

Since the beginning of the banking crisis surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and other banks the crypto market is in a state of flux. While this could be a perfect opportunity to illustrate the value of crypto, the price of Litecoin doesn’t seem to be able to choose a direction based on the situation just yet. However, there is an alternative option that may offer better investment opportunities when investing in crypto: the MCADE token from Metacade.

MCADE: A fantastic investment opportunity

Metacade’s MCADE token represents a new paradigm in the gaming industry, potentially offering better returns compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. This is because MCADE is operating in the growing field of Web3 gaming rather than competing against traditional banks. This sector is growing rapidly, and as a result MCADE can be a better investment opportunity than investing in crypto such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other legacy cryptocurrencies.

In a way, MCADE can be considered more like a form of traditional stock rather than a crypto token, as it is meant to grow in value as the Metacade platform attracts more users and increases revenue.

Web3 gaming and the MCADE value proposition

Web3 gaming refers to a revolution in online gaming that uses blockchain technology to enable secure, transparent and decentralized gaming experiences. Metacade’s platform aims to leverage this technology to deliver a next-generation gaming experience. It MCADE token serves as the currency within this platform, allowing users to access and transact within the Metacade ecosystem.

Potency of MCADE after the presale

Given the success of the token presale, the potential of the Metacade platform and the utility within the Web3 ecosystem, the value of MCADE is expected to increase after the presale ends. When users engage with the platform, they require MCADE to access various features such as purchasing in-game purchases, in-game transactions, and subscriptions.

The demand for MCADE is therefore likely to increase as more users join the platform. In addition, the Metacade platform is still a relatively unknown project that is expected to see appreciation once word gets out about it. It is also important to consider the future listing of MCADE on exchanges, as the Metacade team has already announced that there is a deal for listing on crypto exchange Bitcart.

The Metacade platform is a Web3 gaming platform that provides users with access to a range of games and applications powered by blockchain technology. It is designed to be accessible, secure and decentralized, with an emphasis on providing an immersive gaming experience for users. The platform uses various technologies, such as smart contracts and NFTs, to provide a seamless and transparent gaming experience for users.

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These are much more advanced features of blockchain technology that are usually ignored by people who are only interested in tracking the price of Bitcoin.

Metacade is a comprehensive platform that offers various earning opportunities to users. It has a play-to-earn gaming model that allows gamers to earn rewards for their skills and achievements in games. Moreover, Metacade also has a competitive gaming model where users can participate in tournaments to earn rewards. These tournaments are expected to offer a high level of competition and will require MCADE tokens to enter.

Another unique feature of Metacade is the Work2Earn initiative, which includes a job board where users can connect with Web3 and gaming companies to find their next role. Users can earn rewards by testing new games before launching on the platform to provide feedback and identify bugs. These games can come from external projects that build on the platform and from developers who have received a Metagrant.

Metacade also offers a Create2Earn feature, where users can contribute to and engage with the Metacade community to earn rewards. They are rewarded for sharing alpha, posting reviews and interacting with other members. This feature is designed to drive engagement and help create a strong and vibrant community around the Metacade platform.

Metacade has also submitted the specifications, smart contract and data about the team for a Certik audit, to ensure the security and transparency of the platform. This audit will reassure investors that the presale is a legitimate investment opportunity and that the platform is safe.

MCADE can outperform traditional crypto assets

The Metacade platform has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a completely new gaming experience. Using blockchain technology, Metacade aims to provide a new source of income for game developers and players through the MCADE token.

MCADE’s future rests on a real industry in gaming (as opposed to Bitcoin price and Litecoin price), rather than taking a gamble to create an entirely new digital financial system centered around a volatile currency. This focus on real products and services makes MCADE a unique opportunity in the crypto world, which could be able to outperform the more speculative assets in the crypto market.

You can here participate in the Metacade presale.

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