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Biden urges Congress to approve an agreement between workers and operators to avoid a train strike

Biden insta al Congreso a aprobar un acuerdo entre trabajadores y operadoras para evitar una huelga de trenes

US President Joe Biden has urged the US Congress to immediately pass legislation to adopt the agreement carried out in September between railway workers and operators to avoid a railway strike that would block the country.

"I call on Congress to immediately pass legislation to adopt the agreement between rail workers and operators, without modification or delay, to avoid a potentially crippling national rail closure"the US president asserted in a letter released by the White House.

According to Biden, the agreement has been hailed by union leaders and workers as a "fair resolution" of the dispute between the employees of the rail freight transport and the companies of the industry.

However, some congressmen, both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, intend to modify the agreement to improve it, both for labor and for management, which is delaying the ratification of the pact by both chambers.

"However well-intentioned, any change would risk delay and a debilitating shutdown. The agreement was reached in good faith by both parties."has riveted the American president.

The agreement provides a salary increase 24 percent for railroad workers and provides increased health care benefits. In addition, it offers the possibility for artisan workers to take unscheduled days off for medical needs.

Meanwhile, and after all parties have spoken in favor of the agreement, the tenant of the White House has warned that delaying the ratification could lead to a railway closure that devastates the US economy.

"Without the freight train, many American industries would shut down. My economic advisers report that as many as 765,000 Americans, many of them union workers, could run out of work only in the first two weeks. Communities could losing access to the chemicals needed to ensure clean drinking water. Farms and ranches across the country may not be able to feed their livestock"Biden stressed.

"As a proud president of the workers, I am reluctant to nullify the ratification procedures and the opinions of those who voted against the agreement. But in this case, where the economic impact of a shutdown would hurt millions of workers and families, I believe that Congress should use its powers to adopt this agreement."has added.

The President of the United States has stated that "East" it’s a "critical moment" for the country’s economy, just on the eve of the Christmas season, which is why "A strong belief in delivering better results for workers cannot be allowed to deny them the benefits of the deal they struck and throw this nation into a devastating rail shutdown."

"Congress has the power to adopt the deal and prevent a shutdown. You must put aside politics and partisan division and stand by the American people. Congress should send this bill to my desk well in advance of December 9 so we can avoid disruption."has added.

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