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Biden proposes to designate South Carolina as the first state to hold the Democratic primary

Biden propone designar a Carolina del Sur como el primer estado en celebrar las primarias demócratas

US President Joe Biden has asked the Democratic National Committee for South Carolina to become the first state in the country to hold the party’s primaries, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada a week later, Democratic sources have detailed to US media.

Specifically, the US president has asked James Clyburn, the ‘number three’ of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, that South Carolina replace Iowa as the first contest in the Democratic primaries, as it has been since 1971, he has reported. Bloomberg Agency.

The intention with this change is to give South Carolina, a state with a huge black population — the most loyal electoral bloc to the Democrats — a large amount of funding, since historically the first state where the primaries are held attracts millions of dollars in expenses and attention of the candidates.

In this way, the Biden Administration seeks to win in a state that the Republicans have appropriated for almost five decades. In fact, not even Barack Obama in 2008 was able to win there, as he lost by eight points.

"We must ensure that voters of color have a say in choosing our candidate much earlier in the process and throughout the initial period"Biden wrote in a letter sent on Thursday to members of the Democratic National Committee, as collected by ‘The Washington Post’.

"As I said in February 2020, you can’t be the Democratic nominee and win a general election unless you have the overwhelming support of voters of color, and that includes Black, Latino, Asian American, and Pacific Islander voters."added the US president.

In this way, the primaries in South Carolina would be held on February 5, followed by Iowa and Nevada on February 12, and Georgia (February 19) and Michigan (February 26).

Biden’s plan must now be ratified by the Rules and Bylaws Committee, which will meet this weekend in Washington, though it will be opposed by Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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