Biden announces airdrops of food to Gaza and a possible sea corridor

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced this Friday the next airdrop of packages containing food and medicine in the Gaza Strip and opened the possibility of opening a maritime corridor to facilitate the access of humanitarian aid to the enclave.

“The aid flowing to Gaza is not enough. Innocent lives are at stake. Children’s lives are also at stake,” the president said at the start of a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the White House.. However, during his announcement, Biden became confused, mentioning Ukraine while referring to Gaza.

“In the coming days we will join our friends in Jordan and others to provide airdrops of food and supplies to Ukraine (sic). “We will try to open other routes to Ukraine (sic), including the possibility of a sea corridor to deliver large quantities of food,” he said.

The American president promised that he would insist that Israel also facilitate the entry of more trucks and the opening of new land routes for the import of humanitarian aid into the enclave.

“There should be hundreds of trucks, not just a few. I won’t stand still. We are trying everything we can to get more help,” he said.

Likewise, Biden said he hoped so An agreement to release the hostages should be reached “soon”. the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and a six-week ceasefire in the Israeli offensive against Gaza, allowing aid to flow throughout the Gaza Strip.

In almost five months of war More than 30,200 people have died in the Gaza Stripincluding the 115 Gazans who died in a chaotic incident during food distribution in Gaza City yesterday, in which Israel admitted opening fire but attributed the death toll to an avalanche caused by the hungry crowd was caused by crashing into the trucks.

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