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  • BFI suspends its former Secretary General Jai Kovali
  • You have not fulfilled your duties in your current position: BFI
  • The decision was made at the BFI Executive Committee meeting held on January 10.

The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has suspended its former Secretary General and Chairman of the Maharashtra State Association, Jay Kovali, following the decision of its disciplinary committee. The committee stated that he had not fulfilled his duties in his current position. Kovali is also a referee / judge.

A top federation source told PTI that he has been “banned from all boxing-related activities in India and abroad for breach of duty.” The decision was made at the BFI executive committee meeting held on January 10. Boxer-turned-administrator Kovali did not immediately respond to comment on the matter. “There have been several incidents involving him in the past and when asked for a report on the operation of Maharashtra Sanstha, he did not do so. “Therefore, the BFI disciplinary committee recommended that he be suspended from the game until he gives an acceptable explanation for his action,” he said. If you do, the decision may be reconsidered. ,



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