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Bezzecchi: “Finally a dry victory”

Bezzecchi: "Finally a dry victory"

Neither Marco Bezzecchi A career as impressive as the one he signed in the French GP was expected, that of his second victory in MotoGP and not precisely in any GP but in number 1,000 since the World Cup began in 1949.

“The truth is that this morning I did not expect to have a race like this. Yesterday I felt good and I knew I had to get a good start, but I wasn’t expecting the win. I was a little careful because on the soft I was a bit at the limit, but when I got into the lead I felt very comfortable and I was able to escape lap by lap. Finally a dry victory ”, assured the Italian, recalling that his victory in Argentina was on wet asphalt, which adds value to this victory in France.

Was lucky Bez of not being involved in the fall of Marini, who was swallowed by Álex Márquez. “I was going a bit faster in Turn 1, and I was trying to prepare for the overtake at the chicane. But he braked too late and then cut into the piano. I thought he was going to go long, but I didn’t expect him to go down. I narrowly missed it, but didn’t know it had crashed until I passed that spot on the next lap. I was lucky that I didn’t touch him with my body.” says.

Regarding the sanction he received for having to give up a position for sneaking in and taking Márquez off the track, he does not put any trouble: “I agree with the penalty I received in the race. I made a mistake braking and when I saw that I wasn’t going to be able to stop the bike I went wide and threw Marc off the track. The sanction awaited me and I knew that I would have to give up the position”.

Regarding the significant reduction in points that he has made in the general, to get within one point of Pecco, he prefers not to go crazy: “Honestly, I’m not thinking about the championship. In the same weekend we have a sprint and the race on Sunday and in one weekend it is very easy to lose everything. I only think about each GP, not the championship”.

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