Betis stops the signing of Catena by Osasuna

Sources close to the rojillo team confirm that the Madrid defender has everything agreed to reach the Arrasate squad, but from the Betic offices they believe that the player is still free to negotiate.

The central defender Alejandro Catena will be one of those who will not continue at Rayo Vallecano next season, and Betis already has the net ready for his signing. The one from Móstoles is one of the sporting pleasures for the squad that he directs Manuel Pellegrini and if it comes free, much better. In fact, Antonio Cordón has taken charge of the operation despite the fact that Osasuna is also present.

Several pieces of information from the rojillo environment confirm that Catena himself has already agreed on everything with the Navarrese team. However, there is no veracity on the part of the defender himself, so in the eyes of Betis, he is still free to negotiate. It is true that the Pamplona team is interested, but the Sevillian team is even more.

The Madrid defender has stopped the renewal with Rayo Vallecano since he wants to change teams.

Alejandro Catena’s figures would have convinced the Betis coach

The man from Madrid has been in the Rayista team since 2019 and to date has played more than 150 games including the cup. His most current figures say that he has added 2,190 minutes spread over 24 games, where he scored a goal and gave 1 assist. It is evident that it is part of the headline scheme directed and prepared by Andoni Iraola.

His contract with the Madrid entity is close to expiring and the directives have a renewal prepared for him that the defender himself has already rejected. The reasons have to do with his plan to change scenery and the Verdiblanco box seems like a favorite destination for Catena. If Pellegrini and Cordón were to say yes, Betis would be his sixth team in his entire sports career.

Who will leave at Betis to receive the signing of Catena?

The information coming from the Betic environment confirms that it is Víctor Ruiz who will say goodbye to the team at the end of the season. The Catalan is the only one of the 4 central defenders who ends his contract early and is also the one who accumulates the fewest minutes in the sports field. With a total of 728 in this course, the former Villarreal is the last option of the Chilean coach.

Alejandro Catena will arrive as Ruiz’s replacement while the Verdiblanca sports management tries to arrange the renewal of Edgar González and Germán Pezzella. However, the southern coach does not rule out the request for a fifth central defender since this season he has seen himself short in the defensive line-up. In addition, this aims to qualify for the Champions League, a highly demanding competition.

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