BeReal, the fashion social network of Generation Z

Haven’t you heard of BeReal? This is the anti social network application that has begun to gain strength. The difference that this platform proposes is to share the day to day of each person in a real way. As it does? Taking pictures using the front and rear cameras at the same time. In this way, nothing can be hidden, even if the user wants to.

BeReal emerged in France during 2020, but in recent months it has seen a veritable barrage of downloads around the world. If you weren’t aware of this app, it has become the new trending social network for Generation Z. It stands out for its commitment to authenticity. During the week of July 11, it got 1.7 million downloads. In fact, it is in the iOS App Store in first place in the Top Free Apps section, while Instagram is in sixth place.

How is BeReal used?

The way to use this app is very simple. Every day, at a random time, the user receives a notification on their mobile with a time limit of 2 minutes to take a photo of what is in front of them, and another of their face. Thus, the photos are taken without being able to plan it, or pose or study the environment well. You can replay the BeReal as much as you like during the two-minute countdown, but once it’s posted, you can only delete it and replay it once.

If at the time they send the notification, the user is not available to share the image, they will not be able to see the updates they make and they will only be able to see them when they publish a new photo.

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Another feature of the application is that it only allows you to share photos for 24 hours, something like what Snapchat has. The person who uploads the image will be able to see the catalog again, but the friends will not.

Where to download the app?

It is simple to download the BeReal app. It is freely available on both Google Play and the App Store. You just have to enter them and click on the download button.

When creating the account, they will ask for the phone number, where they will receive a confirmation SMS. After this, you just have to configure it and add geolocation, time when the photo is taken, access to contacts, among others.

Instagram stays with the idea of ​​BeReal

Now, Instagram has decided to copy the main function of BeReal. Although in the case of this social network, it does not have the objective of making users more real. In the case of Instagram, the integration comes up with the name of Dual. When opening the platform on the mobile, you have to open the camera. Under the tool panel on the left of the screen, you will find this new function with that name.

The difference with respect to BeReal is that this service can be used at all times. This is a feature where you can display two things at the same time.

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