Benzema recovers his average

Benzema recovers his average

Benzema is coming back. He is still far from his best version, but the progression is positive. And the numbers reflect it: has scored eight goals in his last eight starts. Despite not shining with the lucidity of last year, he is finding the key to the goal. Of the effectiveness: to have and to take advantage of. Such is the case, that the December-January sprint It has elevated him to the podium of top scorers in LaLiga. He already has nine, being third to one of Joselu (10) and only four of Lewandowski (13), current king of gunslingers. Karim has completely left his muscular discomfort -and fatigue- behind and, in the absence of recovering his competitive rhythm, the aim is intact.

Benzema angrily celebrates his goal at San Mamés.


Benzema angrily celebrates his goal at San Mamés.Icon SportsGetty

crosses a streak that started in the Clásico de Liga (October 16). That afternoon he arrived with only three goals in his backpack (the injury in Glasgow made him live limping; returning but not returning to 100%). Even so, I was in front of the Barcelona and marked. The following week he repeated in front of the Elche and then… came the popular ‘muscle fatigue’. With the exception of just 20 minutes against Celtic, he did not play again before the World Cup. But when he came back, he came back. scored two in pucelaone in The ceramic (League), both Valencia as to Barcelona in Arabia (Super Cup) and the last one, this past Sunday in san mames. Resume: eight goals in his last eight games as a starter.

The shower of compliments did not wait. “It’s really difficult to score that goal; his legend grows. It’s funny, because he is ‘a soccer player who scores a lot of goals’, not ‘a goalscorer who scores a lot’. And despite that, he has some spectacular figures. It acts as a link and a definer, at the same time. We are talking about a pillar in the team’s successes,” he said. butragueño, after the victory in San Mamés, for the DAZN microphones. “His is spectacular. It is exciting to see that he is plugged in again ”, added Nacho. “It has returned with all its quality”settled ancelotti.

Benzema, together with his teammates, after the first goal of the victory against Athletic.


Benzema, together with his teammates, after the first goal of the victory against Athletic.VINCENT WESTREUTERS

Claw every 130′

The point and end of the technician to the warning that he launched weeks ago. He knows that his first stretch of the season was not good and he wants to show things in the secondhe said before traveling to Valladolid. In those walks a Karim a bit shyer than usual who continues to appreciate a lack of competitive rhythm. But whose progression is ascending and that, if something is showing these weeks, it is that the peephole is not tarnished. This season, in total, he has scored 11 goals in 17 games (he scores every 130 minutes).. Equaling -or approaching- the figures of last season may have become a utopia (he scored 44 goals, one every 89 ′). But resembling, again, that Karim, it is a motivation. And for the moment, he is already recovering his goalscoring average.


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